Equipment in the facility is mainly comprised of free weights.

There are plenty of squat racks, bench presses, lifting platforms, weightlifting bars, cast iron and bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, and a multitude of odd implements to lift, drag, pull, push and press with.

We do have some token cardio machines too though!

BARSABC Power Bars x 23
Elieko Power Bar
Samtek Power Bar
Texas Power Bar
Titex Power Bar
Deadlift Bar
ABC 20kg Competition Oly Bars x 2
ABC 15kg Competition Oly Bars x 4
Iron Edge 8kg Training Bar
ABC Cambered Bar
Trap Bars x 3
Safety Squat Bars x 3
Axle Bars x 2
Ezy Curl Bars x 2
EQUIPMENT5,295kg Cast Iron & Bumper Weight Plates*
*3,806kg of Cast Iron Plates
*469kg of Calibrated Eleiko Powerlifting Plates
*335kg of Alphafit Competition Bumper Plates
*160kg of Eleiko Competition Bumper Plates
*490kg of Bumper Plates
*Fractional Plates

Bench Racks x 6
Squat Racks x 6
Half Racks x 2
Deadlift Platforms x 4
Oly Lifting Platforms x 2
4 Cell Rig
Dumbbells 2.5kg – 50kg
Hex Dumbbells 1kg – 20kg
Incline Benches x 3
Flat Benches x 2
Kettlebells 4kg – 32kg
Slam Balls 4 – 25kg
Back Extension
Landmines x 3
Adjustable Dip Bars
Jerk Blocks
Power Sled
PIN LOADED EQUIPMENTLat Pull Down/Seated Row Combo
Seated Row
Chest Press
Chest Supported Row
Lat Pull Down
Functional Trainer/Cable Crossover
Belt Squat
45 Degree Leg Press
Chest Supported T-Bar Row
Unilateral Leg Extension (COMING LATE JULY)
Unilateral Leg Curl (COMING LATE JULY)
55kg 10″ Log
80kg 12″ Log
90kg 12″ Log
Axle Bar Wheels
Axle Bar Tyres
Sandbags 40kg, 60kg, 80kg
Loadable Giant Dumbbell
Farmers Walk Handles
Super Yokes x 2
Atlas Stones x 10*
*50kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 105kg, 130kg, 140kg, 160kg, 180kg
Deadlift Stands
Flipping Tyres x 3
Sledgehammers x 2
Duck Walk Loading Pins
Kegs x 5
*10.2kg, 19.6kg, 26.5kg, 62kg, 93kg
Battling Ropes
Truck Pull Harness
Viking Press
Barry Carry
Marble Husafel
Loadable Steel Husafel
Natural Stone Husafel
Throwing Sandbag
Car Deadlift Frame
Captains of Crush Grippers 1, 2, 2.5, 3
Replica Dinnie Rings
Concept2 SkiErg
Concept2 BikeErg
Rogue Echo Bike
MISCELLANEOUSFoam Plyo Boxes x 2
Step-up Boxes x 3
Adjustable Squat Box
Bench Press Boards 1, 2, 3 & 4
Bench Press Slingshots (red, black & yellow)
Bench Press Blocks 50mm & 100mm
Bench/Squat Chains
Deadlift Blocks 50mm & 100mm
Deadlift Jacks
Skipping/Speed Ropes
Rope Climb
Mobility Balls
Foam Rollers
Resistance Bands
Ab Rollers
Freestanding Whiteboard