What happened after that is anything but ordinary though


In 2012 a bloke called Elias noticed a strong-ish chick named Jacky, training at the gym he was a member of at the time, who had terrible lifting technique. He tried to engage with her many times under the guise of ‘offering lifting advice’, but she kept fobbing him off. He persisted and she eventually came round, and even started powerlifting with him and his then training partner.

Elias always talked of one day owning an old school strength gym, where people could lift heavy and be shown how to do it properly, as a standard part of your membership. When Jacky first met him, it was his “5-year dream”. As the years rolled by this 5-year dream of his remained…a 5-year dream. Jacky, being the ‘doer’ she is, got a bit over the non-action and dream talk; gave him an ultimatum; and in 2015 helped turned his “5-year dream” into a reality!


We developed ISPP to create awareness of Powerlifting, Strongman, Weightlifting and Sports Performance, and to provide a facility to train for these specialised sports. Our passion and love for strength sports was the primary motivation in creating this gym in Cairns.

Our gym is for absolutely anyone who is looking to get strong(er), regardless of levels of ability, age, gender, or sporting background. Whether you want to carry all the groceries in one trip; be the next powerlifting champion; become a better athlete in your chosen sport; keep up with your grandkids; or just want quality of life, then ISPP is for you.

Strength training is as much for your mental and emotional health, as it is for your physical health. And our amazing community of members underpin this. They train together and encourage and support each other, not only in lifting but also life, and that is something we are so proud to have grown and nurtured over the years.

By breaking down the barriers to strength training, and abolishing the stereotypes and stigmas surrounding it, we hope to motivate and inspire everyone to take up a strength journey of their own.



To educate, empower and support individuals through strength, to access their true potential.


To be the #1 complete strength training hub in Cairns & FNQ, providing athletes and individuals with affordable access to quality equipment, education, coaching and support.


QUALITY | We provide a world class training facility and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value and a superior training experience for our clients.

CONNECTION | Our clients are not just a number. We want to know their story to help them achieve the most and make a positive difference in their life.

MASTERY | We strive to be masters in our fields and encourage our clients to pursue perfection in their training through skill, knowledge and commitment, to elicit powerful results.

COMMUNITY | We are committed to growing a strong group of like minded individuals by providing them with a safe, inclusive, supportive and fun environment, which fosters a sense of belonging.

AUTHENTICITY | We are real people, passionate about what we do. We strive to make a positive difference and vow to always be genuine and reliable.